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Calamity Jane - the tour !


Paul had a bare month off before being asked to sign up to the tour of Calamity Jane starring Jodie Prenger (of TVs I'd Do Anything) and Emmerdale hearthrobe Tom Lister. The first leg of the tour has been completed to rapturous applause up and down the country. The current plan is to carry on until August 2015. This is the best chance of seeing Paul live, if you havn't already. In the show he plays Rattlesnake. Calam's trusty stagecoach driver as well as covering Sammy Fain's double bass score and some fun moments on the banjo hoedown. Watch out also for the top of act two which features a beatifully stripped down arrangement of Higher Than A Hawk with Tom and Paul sharing accoustic guitar duties. For all remaining tour dates clik here:


Great Big Gig


recently Paul teamed up with old friend and collaborator Will Brenton

to set in motion the wheels of a new family orientated music show for kids of all ages,Great Big Gig. To date there have been two spectacular shows, the first at The Royal Festival Hall in February  as part of their Imagine Festival. Later in the year the show came to the Little Monsters Bash in Brighton. In the coming year Great Big Gig will be seen over national half terms at a selection of theatres so staty tuned to the Facebook page for further news !.

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LA Blue - the album


In the rain drenched summer of 2012 Paul went up to the Stafford Shakespeare Festival to be in Romeo and Juliet. Needless to say the production was a big success but the experience also contained two happy by-products. One was the immersion in the music of Nick Drake-  particularly the first album Five Leaves Left and the second was meeting a lyricist of heartfelt sincerity in the form of Liam MacMahan, better known to his friends as Rocky. Paul and Rocky quickly collaborated on a number of songs some of which going on to appear on LA Blue - the album PAul felt compelled to write after a number of personal events from 2011.

After months of trying to get the darn thing finished Paul eventually called it a day and decided to stick the stake in the ground and call it finished. This was quicly followed by a decision to "sit with" the record, meaning, not get hung up or worried about how it would be received. No sooner had this occured than Paul bumped into old Picket Line colleague Hereward Kaye who just happened to be setting up 21 Gigawatts, a new independant record label.Currently the album is now back in the workshop in preperation for a realease next year. When this happen we don't know but it's progress will surely be announced with 21 Gigawatts. (is this a reference to Back To The Future ? Methinks it is !

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